Dominate Pinterest, tips for companies and brands on Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network in which users create and manage thematic “boards” that are fed by images that allude to the board. Users can search more boards to “Pin” more images for the collections of their boards. Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, the founders, say: “Pinterest’s mission is to connect everyone in the world, through things they find interesting.”

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Due to its high consumer reach, Pinterest offers the possibility to create an account for brands and companies. It depends on the companies that know how to handle each advantage that Pinterest can offer and take into account the behavior of users and the characteristics of the same network.

  • Pinterest handles images vertically. Whoever can play and take advantage of this feature in its design, will have more scope, as it calls more attention of the user.
  • Most users are women, they dominate Pinterest. Create messages, boards and images for them. Do not play with topics that you do not know, if your world is food talk about it, do not get involved in other people’s issues.
  • Be original and unique, not “Re-Pin” exactly the same. Add your comment to the photo.
  • Do not lose reach, link your Pinterest with your blog or your website and all your other social networks so that when they share your image share your brand and the user has all possible channels to reach you.
  • Follow the other boards that can help you grow yours, if your theme is the engines follow pages of motorcycles or cars.
  • Always ask yourself before publishing Why would people see this, why would they follow you?
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE, a brief comment, that is understood and able to convey what you want.
  • Manage the “trends” or trends in your favor, otherwise you are behind, therefore obsolete.
  • Add the “Widget” of Pinterest so you do not lose time while browsing the network and find something that can go on your boards, this will facilitate it.
  • Stop 1 minute and think if it’s really worth “Pinch” what you think.
  • In your profile, organize your boards well, by categories, themes, designs. Pinterest is very advanced in this aspect; It is a matter of you taking 3 minutes and think about where your product fits well. Use a good description on your original and well-studied board.
  • The promotions or offers are very desirable in a social network like Pinterest; try to add prices to some of your “Pines”.

Pinterest is a unique social network, works, thinks and works in a different way to others. But once you learn and adapt to it is very practical and efficient, not to mention its various advantages in the online market and the positioning of companies and brands.

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