Los chores de un content curator (tips.)


In a short definition, the Content Curator is what makes the difference. He/she is in charge of the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of ​​interest.

Why is it so relevant?

It’s simple and everyone knows the answer, “content is king.” Bill Gates has already made that clear a long time ago, and today is no different. The work of a Content Curator in digital marketing is so relevant and necessary thanks to the duties that fall on it:

He must go to the interests and behavior of potential consumers, something that is not easy because he has to change his personality with each user in the network, nobody thinks the same. In this work if you are a rocker lover of heavy music will probably come the time when you will become a lover of classical music because it turns out that your target is that kind of people totally alien to you.

A Content Curator can not ignore the following questions: Why would they pay attention to me? Why do they have to share it? On the internet it is even more cruel, critical and cold than in real life.
In addition, the web competes against everything and everyone! The cat videos, the celebrity news, the goals of Cristiano and Messi. All of them are competition that take away their attention. The Content Curator works to create the revolutionary and original moments to which they will pay more attention.


The content must be multiplatform. It is not talked about in the same way on Twitter as on Pinterest. They are 2 completely different worlds, with their population totally individual one of the other. It is miraculous not to go mad while being the Curator.
There is an infinity of information on the internet. The Content Curator will have to get influence “friends” to help spread their information. Any means of dissemination helps, even more if you have many allies.
Perhaps the most important thing is that the Curator MUST evolve constantly and at the same speed as the internet.

The Content Curator is the critical intermediary of knowledge, separates the needle from the haystack. Organize information, invest, integrate communities and knowledge and measure information. “Tell me something that connects me with you, and possibly we will continue talking, change me, conquer me, be natural. . . and maybe we’ll have a drink together”.

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