From positioning to brand relevance

The marketing was transformed overnight; the products and the value of the brands became transparent, or in the best of cases relative to each other, very few brands remained absolut in their value, the advertising discourse began to be rejected which led to that who had a real context from the experience and the contextual evolved to give value only the relevant things.

The old marketing is gone, with his target shooting game where the brand pointed to a “targert” hit it with a message to position itself in the consumer’s mind.

Today the mind is selective, it has built its inner world in a unique and singular way, it will only penetrate that thing he/she really values, for that, any brand should contribute not only as an expiation, but as something else, something relevant to its values ​​and singular lifestyle.

The brand must know its client to know how to interact with it, accompany it in time, become attractive, relevant and exciting, attuned to its changes, keeping relevant.

Gone are the brands that are advertised to make way for the brands that interact. We could say that today the game changed from shot the spot to malabarism. Today the marketing is challenging the Malabirista to keep 4 pines in the air that make the brand attractive and relevant; the product, the interaction, the transaction and the personality.

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