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Del posicionamiento a la relevancia de marca Articles
2 April, 2018
READ MORE [fusion_title margin_top=""...
And brand for what? Articles
22 July, 2016
READ MORE The brand is built as a relationship is built; through time spinning with a lot of communication in different moments and in different ways.
Construct and brand sell Articles
18 July, 2016
READ MORE We are an agency dedicated to only one thing; sell with brand, that is our cause, our war cry.
Los chores de un content curator (tips.) Articles
18 July, 2016
READ MORE The Content Curator is what makes the difference. He/she is in charge of the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of ​​interest.
Tips for companies and brands on Pinterest Articles
18 July, 2016
READ MORE Pinterest is a social network in which users create and manage thematic "boards" that are fed by images that allude to the board. Users can search more boards to "Pin" more images for the collections of their boards.

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