And brand for what?

A person has a brand to sell with advantage, to sell free of competitive pressure at a higher price, to distinguish my product and to back a promise.

The brand is built as a relationship is built; through time spinning with a lot of communication in different moments and in different ways.

Communicates with everything; with the product and its performance, with the packaging and its exhibition, with the advertising and also through every interaction we have with our clients.

What do we look for with so many forms of communication? Impact on the minds of people so they get hooked with our offer.

Do not forget that it is thanks to the brand that the products earn more space in the supermarket shelves, even when the price is higher.

What is the reason for such an unreasonable thing? To what is emotional? Purchasing decisions are made at the unconscious level of the brain, that is, an emotional and instinctive and less rational decision, this means that the communication of brands must certainly appeal to emotionality and this is achieved with a creative exercise that appeals to the ability to wake up emotion.

The problem that brands are facing today is that they have become landscape, a landscape that begins to dull our minds, advertising has become the first problem that a brand must face if it wants to excel in this information age, where all we are over informed, over impacted, over saturated; Every day, we are subject to more and more brands bombing. However, how many of them can we remember at the end of the day?

Only two or three, maybe four. Thus, the function of selling with advantage is an increasingly difficult task that demands a key task: to design the strategy.

The strategy defines how the objectives will be achieved, its formulation requires truthful, key and substantial information to undertake the analysis, that reveals an opportunity, -because always there is- enough forceful to undertake a plan that awakens desire in the consumers, desire of consumption, desire to belong to the brand.

Achieving this in the midst of the bustle of brands is not easy.

It is a job that requires time, dedication and skill. Strategy is the basis of creativity, if you do not have one; it will have to be created, otherwise the resources destined to promote the brand may well have no meaning, no return, except to contribute to blunting and pollution.

What is a brand for? How is it built? What is its value? Companies invest billions year after year, and uninterruptedly in their brands, and although we know that much of that money is wasted in the intention to make it notice the truth is that without a brand you do not have any chance to compete.

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